Putting Silliness on the Schedule

What fun does for productivity, collaboration + brand This interview with Cat Weise, Root + River Chief of Staff, delves into the idea of light-heartedness and its power in the […]

There’s Only One Thing Missing From Your Brand

By Emily Soccorsy In a Root Session with one of our clients last week, the CEO began to complain about how difficult it is to hire good people. His complaints, […]

Time, Space, Opportunity: 3 Ways to Help You Begin Branding

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” Ralph Waldo Emerson   By Emily Soccorsy I spend most of my time working out of my home office, pounding […]

How to Know When Your Brand Needs a Refresh

And when will it work?   By Emily Soccorsy One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is: How do I know if my brand needs a refresh?  (We […]

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Brand for Any Conversation

By Justin Foster + Emily Soccorsy We believe and teach our clients that brands begin in conversations. In fact, we propose that you don’t actually have a brand until it […]

The Love Story of You + Your Brand

What is a brand? It’s your presence when you are not present. It’s also the emotions you inspire in people when they encounter you or your work/calling/brand. So how do […]

Where Does My Brand Begin?

By Emily Soccorsy + Jennifer Lawhead 3 Ways To Uniquely Tell The Story of Your Brand Often people ask us, “how do I build my brand?” It’s pretty obvious they […]

Are You an Awake Leader?

  By Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster We often get the question, “who do you work with?” Most times, the questioner expects us to list off an industry, a company […]

‘I’m Different And That’s Bad:’ The Lie That Stops You From Being a Brand

3 Practices to Get Weird By Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster Being different is no bueno. Of course, you don’t consciously think that! But that’s what your mind is often […]

Why I No Longer Use FUD

September 7, 2016 // Emily // 4 Comments // Posted in Beliefs-Based Branding
Originally posted on LinkedIn by Justin Foster  Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. FUD. Tapping into this part of the human psyche is as old as the human race. It is the foundation […]
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