An 8-Week Experience for Soulful Solo Entrepreneurs

“Are You Ready to Become a Soulful Brand?”

We offer this course only after we have assembled the right group of people to participate in it. To us, the right people are those who are open, awake and serious about investing time and money in themselves. Are you ready? If so, complete this application for the Becoming A Brand course.

Simply put, most people have trouble talking about their brand. Brands are born in conversations. This creates a dilemma: they know what makes them different, yet, they cannot convey that truth. At least not yet.

​When you can articulate your brand, everything becomes easier. In fact, we like to say a strong brand solves a thousand business problems. Why? Because everything you do, as a business, depends on the health of your brand. 

The Becoming a Brand course will teach you to:

  • Trigger the law of attraction with your beliefs, creating a tribe of followers who come to you, rather than endlessly seeking out your “target market”
  • Deliver your brand message with clarity and confidence
  • STOP fumbling over how you speak about your brand and instead seize every opportunity to share your mission

When Finished, You’ll Have Built a Timeless Brand

Stop wasting time and money on marketing tactics that no longer work a month from now. The Becoming the Brand course focuses on timeless principles, not on of-the-moment tactics.

As a result of your work, your brand’s message will resonate for years and will be the foundation to grow your business all along the way.

Enroll in our next Becoming a Brand course and you’ll:

  • Refocus your business in a way that’s centered in your core beliefs
  • Feel energized by your brand because your head, heart and soul are aligned
  • Have an executable roadmap on how to attract new followers
  • Leave knowing how to write a persuasive blog
  • Be ready to launch a meaningful social media strategy
  • Turn employees into brand advocates

Are you ready to be a Becoming a Brand Student? We know you’ll earn an A+.

Enrollment is now open for the price of $1,495. For eight weeks, you’ll be delivered several exercises weekly that will challenge your assumptions, teach you how to be a master of your brand and reinstall your beliefs. Plan to spend about 1.5-2 hours each week working on your course assignments.