An 8-Week Experience for Soulful Solo Entrepreneurs

Become part of a community of awake entrepreneurs learning to use branding to build their business

The Becoming a Brand ecourse is an eight-week experience designed specifically for the awake leader. Awake leaders are special -- they are receptive and open in their quest to create a brand that is true to themselves while making a difference in the world.

When an awake leader decides to answer a calling, their brand is born.
Whether you are just beginning or have been struggling for years
to bring your dream to life, we hope to be your guide.

If you have been laboring in anonymity, struggling with a lack of focus, putting in the time without the results or trying to make everyone love you, the Becoming a Brand can give you a newfound clarity and confidence while allowing you to stay true to your soulful spirit.

Are You Ready to Become a Soulful Brand?

We offer this course only after we have assembled the right group of people to participate in it. To us, the right people are those who are open, awake and serious about investing time and money in themselves. Are you ready? If so, complete this application for the Becoming A Brand course.

Our course begins in Fall 2017