People often ask us how we can present so seamlessly together. It’s this thing we call mind reading.

Just kidding. Sort of.

Your audience is engaged, titillated and surprised as we move nimbly through the ideas presented, weaving our voices and concepts together into one opportunity for intellectual and spiritual growth.

Our presentations (which center around soul-stirring imagery) disrupt old thinking, challenge sameness and provide a path for continued brand growth. As such, they are ideal for company-wide events, leadership retreats or client summits.

Each workshop below is designed for a 1-day format but can be adjusted to ½ day and 90 minute programs, depending on your needs. While we typically present on these topics, we’re also happy to customize our content to your audience.

Brand Lab on April 13

Your brand is your mission, your message and your (marketing) machine.

In four hours, learn to use your brand to attract business + talent for the 30 years. Attend this half day workshop to develop these three key elements of your brand so you can market more effectively.​ Once you understand these three elements, marketing attracts more quality business and people. Leave with:

  • a developed mission statement
  • a clear message to share in all conversations
  • a marketing machine plan to implement immediately

Brand Lab is a highly participative in-person event in Scottsdale, Ariz. lead by Emily Soccorsy, Justin Foster and the Root + River team. Designed in an intimate setting so you can truly workshop your brand, Brand Lab will leave you with action steps to implement immediately into your brand. It will be held from 11:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 13. 

When you register, enter your brand for a free live, in-session Brand Breakdown by Root + River. We will feature one individual who will present their branding challenges to the group during our Brand Breakdown at BrandLab. Emily, Justin and the Root + River team will provide you new perspective, clarification and a strategy to address issues — live!

Register before April 7 to take advantage of our early bird pricing. If you bring a friend and register together, your tickets will be discounted to $250 each. We hope to see you there!

P.S. If you’re interested in Brand Lab but can’t come to Scottsdale, we’ll come to you. Email to discuss hosting or sponsoring a Brand Lab in your city.

Becoming a Brand

As our flagship workshop, this presentation is intended to share the “birds and bees” of how modern brands are born, evolve and grow. Hint: it starts at the root! Incorporating over 20 years of marketing experience with contemporary insights on trends, Emily + Justin will share:

  • how branding is first a spiritual exercise; starting at the root of the beliefs of an organization’s leadership.
  • how these beliefs become the foundation of a powerful message that reaches deep into the hearts of the audience.
  • how modern marketing is used to translate this message into compelling brand experiences.

Blending leadership doctrine with spiritual intelligence and practical marketing advice, Justin and Emily will help participants see branding in a new light and inspire ideas that connect each person to their work and purpose.

The Opt-Ins: An Ageless Generation of Leaders

With five age groups in the workforce, there is a natural blending of ideas, cultures and habits. This is producing a new kind of leader: The Opt-Ins. Also referred to as “Rebellious Traditionalists,” Opt-In Leaders have five common traits that transcend traditional labels such as generation/age.

Emily + Justin will help participants understand how these Opt-In Leaders represent an end to command-and-control structure, how organizational cultures are defined, and the way talent is attracted and retained. Justin and Emily will encourage participants to re-evaluate their current thinking on differences between ages and challenge the assumption that companies need to adjust to focus more on Millennials.

Disrupt or Decay? 5 Natural Forces Shaping Your Brand

We all see the changes. Internal and external forces pushing and pulling on brands. We see the disintegration of the old ways of doing business – but also the emergence of new ways that encourage collaboration, transparency and deeper connections. As market forces and societal trends shape brands, business leaders have a tremendous opportunity to harness these trends rather than just respond to them. This wide-ranging workshop covers:

  • The convergence of leadership, culture and innovation.
  • How social impacts every area of business.
  • Marketing: mythology vs mastery
  • 5 competencies required for modern branding
  • How to leverage your brand as a leader to elevate your company brand.

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