Brand Therapy

We all need a little therapy once in a while.

Within ambiguity and volatility, decisiveness is a challenge.


If you are at a loss for what to do with your brand or marketing right now, you’re not alone.

A private Brand Therapy session with Emily + Justin will help reveal what is stalling you and diagnose how to get unstuck and active again. During this 50-minute conversation, we will unpack and resolve whatever key issue or problem you are grappling with your brand and give you some initial suggestions for how to proceed.

Brand Therapy is for new clients only. It is a one-time $350 cost, and includes a diagnosis and marketing plan.

Root + River Brand Therapy
Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster

Emily Soccorsy & Justin Foster are co-founders of Root + River, an intrinsic branding practice. Together, their mission is to inspire leaders to go inward.

Each accomplished leaders in their own right in branding and marketing, Emily and Justin came together in 2015 to create Root + River. They speak around the country on intrinsic branding, guide leaders to go inward in Root Sessions and are the authors of “Rooting Up: Essays on Modern Branding.” Their greatest talent is pushing people to break apart what they think branding is, only to rebuild it in a more organic and true manner.

Social: @rootandriver @emilyatlarge @fosterthinking

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