How to Brand Yourself

When You Don't Really Want to

You already have a brand - but do you know what it is? And do your influencers, prospects and clients know your brand?

There used to be a time when “best kept secret” was an acceptable brand strategy. That’s no longer true. Why? Because there’s so much information out there, being secret means you won’t be found. And the world needs to know who you are and what you are here to do!

Showing the world your gifts and talents requires a brand.

Attracting the right clients and projects requires a brand.

Earning the best value for your expertise requires a brand.

Your brand already exists (even if you don’t want it to).
So let’s get to branding yourself (even if you don’t want to)!

How to Brand Yourself … When You Don't Really Want To

This 2-part course is the first program we are offering through our new Root + River learning community, Cultivate U.

We designed How to Brand Yourself specifically for solo entrepreneurs and individual leaders who want to create an authentic, sustainable and memorable brand but are uncertain about where to begin and what to do.

Our co-founders Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster take you through 10 immersive modules that cover all the key elements of intrinsic branding - the practice of organizing your brand around your mission and beliefs, showing the world your true self and expressing your brand with positive, inspirational language.

As you complete each module you will notice a few things … 

Your unease and uncertainty about your brand will dissipate.

Your knowledge of modern branding will broaden.

Your confidence to speak organically about your brand will increase.

This Course Will

  • Boost your confidence in your brand in a way that doesn’t feel uncomfortable
  • Increase your ability to talk about your brand without sounding self-promotional
  • Provide a set of conversation starters about your brand that spur deep connections
  • Align your mission, your career and your brand for clarity and momentum

As with all we do, How To Brand Yourself contains elements of personal development, challenges assumptions and biases about branding and marketing, and always strives to deliver value in the form of insight and wisdom.

Course 1 Modules:

  • Brand Vision
  • Branding Birds & Bees
  • Rooting into Beliefs
  • Behaviors
  • Mission

Course 2 Modules:

  • Finding your Ideal Audience
  • Differentiation
  • Pitch Narrative
  • Know Where to Be
  • Knowing What to Say

Each module includes: a downloadable course materials packet, a 3-5 minute video, a journal prompt, a practical exercise, further points for inspiration and recommended readings.

We recommend taking Course 1 and 2 consecutively because each module builds off the other.

You have confidence in your skills. Now it’s time for confidence in your brand.

Here’s what our client Nikki B. said about our course:

“After the course, I was super excited about the future of my brand! The course itself was so much fun. Not easy fun, but a stretch from what I normally work on. I’m anxious and eager to go further.”

-- Nikki


How to Brand Yourself (when you don't really want to) Course 1

  • Module 1: Branding Birds + Bees
  • Module 2: Brand Vision
  • Module 3: Rooting Into Beliefs
  • Module 4: Behaviors
  • Module 5: Mission


How to Brand Yourself (when
you don't really want to)
Courses 1 and 2

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