BEING MARKETERS With Special Guest Sarah Hawley

Join us on our next Being Marketers as we converse with Sarah Hawley, Founder and CEO of Growmotely, the first global platform designed to source and lead remote teams. She believes in defying convention and has embraced radical transparency and self-awareness in both her personal life and leadership roles. Author of Conscious Leadership, A Journey from Ego to Heart, Sarah explores how to create a life of absolute freedom, embracing deep inner work to connect with a unique and empowering way of leading.

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Date: September 2, 2021
Time: 03:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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What do you get when you place four very different individuals – each with their own passionate perspectives and multi-faceted talents – into one room?

You have the Root + River team, but most importantly, you have a collective sense of energy and magic that is difficult to describe. It must be felt. If they were a band, Co-Founder Justin Foster would be on vocals for his giftedness of the spoken word and ability to captivate a crowd with the wisdom he shares. On bass, you would find Co-Founder Emily Soccorsy, setting the rhythmic tone for the team with her ability to transform words and ideas into art and masterful writing. Chief of Staff Cat Weise would no doubt be rocking the drums, elevating the vocals and drums to amplify bigger and bolder than they could ever do alone. And Chief of Story Jennifer Lawhead could be found on the guitar, bringing harmonic tempo and soul to the music they were all making.

Together, they may not be a traditional band, but the music they make together as a branding foursome is original, soulful and authentic. They use their strengths to provide all-serving support to their clients throughout their brand journey, from pushing and provoking to comforting and validating, as these defiers learn to show up as intrinsic branders in the world.