Root Session Reviews: The most worthy investment of the year

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Editor’s Note: We recently asked several of our client to share their thoughts on their Root Sessions. All three of those shared powerful, yet different reactions. Here is the second in a series of three Root Session reviews, if you will.


We are not natural marketing people. We needed Justin and Emily to help us better understand what we do and to describe it in simple but powerful terms. And that’s exactly what we got.

Justin is like an old wise man in a young man’s body. He’s artistic and articulate, and he can generate thought-provoking and deep conversations without intimidating anyone in the room, which is a real talent.

Emily is just so natural. She is really good at synthesizing all of the information that’s flowing through the many conversations that are going on, and pulling out common themes, which she illustrates in her very unique way of taking notes––I call it sketch notes. While the conversation is flowing, Emily is flowing artistically and putting the topics on a white board, capturing important concepts through images and words. She ties it all together so we can see, okay, what does this now tell us?

The Root Session was very different from traditional facilitations because you had this dynamic duo of Justin and Emily, who work very well together.

They took us through a journey of first exploring what makes us tick collectively––our style and values, what is different about Bluewater and the way we approach business.

They also helped us pinpoint the similarities between some of our favorite clients so that we can identify key attributes of people with whom we work best. It helped us understand why we are drawn to certain types of clients, and vice versa, why they’re drawn to us. We now better understand what makes a good partnership.

Then, they took all of the images and ideas and boiled it all down into a handful of sentences that became our brand narrative, which was just amazing.

Our Bluewater team of eight people was there. It was great for everybody to be on the same page––to understand the Bluewater way and be able to put it into words with Justin and Emily. That was a really neat experience that everyone really appreciated and enjoyed.

We walked away with new perspective, but I think more so, we now have clarity on what makes us special––why certain clients love us. And now, we’re better able to share that with folks who don’t know us. Justin and Emily have helped us see and communicate the best in our business.

It’s the best money we’ve spent all year.

– Mark Debinski, founder and President of Bluewater Advisory and Search

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