Root Session Reviews: Getting to the meat

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Editor’s Note: We recently asked several of our client to share their thoughts on their Root Sessions. All three of those shared powerful, yet different reactions. Here is the second in a series of three Root Session reviews, if you will.


I envisioned my Root Session being like a coaching session. You know, a day focused on me, which I thought was so indulgent. It was what I thought it would be, although, the way Justin and Emily go about it is so fantastic––how they play off each other.

I feel like Justin is such an intellectual––not that Emily isn’t, but Justin tackles concepts and strategy. He’s a big thinker. He’s also just so likeable. He’s this big guy who used to coach football and loves sports but is so sensitive and not afraid of it.

He introduces concepts and explains them, kicking the whole Root Session off.

Then, Emily is there adding color in her own very intuitive and insightful way.

She took everything we discussed and turned it into drawings that make everything more real. I’d told her in passing that my dream is to have a house on a lake. When we got to the final piece, she drew a lake with a house. I said, “There it is! You heard me!”

She really got me––who I am and what I want.

They wanted to get to the meat of who I am––the essence. I’m more stoic and not emotional, so it’s hard for me to express these kinds of things. They had to work really hard to pull it out of me. Why am I doing what I do? Why do I believe in it so much?

If they didn’t believe my answer was what I truly believed, they’d challenge it by saying, “Everyone says that. So what?” But it was in a loving way, always rooted in the foundational trust they’d built over the morning. You can tell how much they care, which is unusual in business for me. But they really do bring love and tenderness and create such a safe place.

We all knew when my answers were finally real. And it made me cry. I can’t remember the last time I cried!

They truly got at my gifts in such a deep place. I left with new perspective, confident because it was so authentic to me, as well as new language to explain it to people, and a game plan. It wasn’t just a session. It was a real working strategy to take forward.

After implementing all of these changes, I immediately got a significant piece of business worth four times my total root + river investment. That includes the Root Session and the entire process they laid out for me, from a new website and content to eight weeks of social media training with Alyssa, their incredible content specialist. I know the new contract is a direct result of my work with Justin and Emily.

Now, I’m planting seeds and in contact with my audience and clients in ways that are more valuable not just for me, but for them, too.

– Jennifer Copley, executive coach and consultant

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