Cat Weise

Cat gets it. Just intuitively, without flowery explanation. She is genuine grace and snappy generosity. She’s calm, cool water. She sees you, and then she sees through you.

But do not misconstrue.

She is mostly fire. Sparking, burning and building up a smokestack in her passion.

Her gifts are abundant: insight, intuition, attention to detail, keeper of space, unrelenting supporter, rigorous organizer, fanner of flames – all manifested in her role as our Chief of Staff. She protects us from us, making sure our time is spent living, breathing and being what we are best at – helping brands become. The space she creates allows us to perform in ways that are not possible on our own. She keeps us from becoming the log instead of the fire. And our clients, team members and random strangers all benefit from the peace she brings.

Her talents are varied: award-winning educator, community advocate, creative alchemist, fierce friend, fantastic parent, dog whisperer, to name just a polka-dot few.

Most of all: She believes people who are giving to others need someone to give to them. And we are oh, so, very grateful for this belief of hers.

And here are her cappers: she can hang with the roughest and tumblest crew in the world, she once lived out in the woods and she bakes the best Black Russian bundt cake ever mouthwateringly tasted. And in a Best Laugh in the World contest, she would win hands-down.