Jennifer Lawhead

Someone as smart as Jennifer shouldn’t also be that kind. And wise. It’s not fair to the rest of us. And certainly not fair to our competition.

But oh, well.

Since the she-must-have-been-crazy-to-agree moment Jennifer began working along with us, she has brought her unique blend of intense calm, deep insight and staggering productivity as her hallmark.

Earlier on, one of our clients begged us to add her to the website, because she was just such an incredible talent he felt that light must be immediately and definitively shared with the world. Jennifer calms us, organizes our thoughts and — most importantly — provides the sage coaching, project alignment and execution and precise responses our clients depend on.

As our chief of story, Jen is vigilant in spotting stories within the humans and brands we serve. In her careful, creative and constructive way, she coaches and collaborates with our clients, keeping the strings of their stories tuned, the percussion beat on temp and the modern brand story humming along. All with a smile.

As if that were not enough — she’s also a phenomenal content coach, copywriter, social media trainer and likely would gladly teach you how to change the oil in your car, should that be required.

We (Justin + Emily) blow sh*t up, and then Jen lovingly puts our clients back together in the most fundamentally sound and fantastic way possible. And when we say “possible,” we mean she’s researched and tried every single alternative out there before coming to her decision on how best to proceed for that individual client.

Her goodness is only exceeded by her intelligence and wit — making her a perfect Chief of Story.

Alas, she is human, (as far as we have been able to determine) and as part of our Root + River tribe, comes with her excellent share of quirk. These include a penchant for blasting rap on her car stereo, an undeniable addiction to Starbucks, and a tendency to unintentionally call people out for being ridiculous.