Jocelyn Lovelle

Jocelyn believes the juiciest parts of our lives are found in the imperfections of being human and working to create the world we’d like to live in, even when it seems impossible.

Like Chris, she is a world-class listener (we think most writers are) with a penchant for typewriters and a patient streak that doesn’t quit. She is the calm, deep pool in our river and the branch on our tree that can hold a tire swing big enough for us all.

Jocelyn holds a BA in English with a specialization in Creative Writing from UCLA. With a background in content production, brand strategy, marketing, writing and organizational development she sees the intersection of branding and people as not an intersection at all, but the same road. She believes deeply that how we show up as individuals in the world is paramount and she lives our ethos that brand is how someone experiences your soul.

If she sees a body of water, she will get in. No matter how cold. Her talents run wide but her true love is writing and discovering the power words have to connect. She prefers anything old over most things new and if you see her without a cup of herbal tea, she’s probably asleep.