Justin Foster

Emily’s an independent woman, that’s why she insisted on having her bio first. But I’m fine with that because I’m a gentleman.

I love to tell the story about how we met. She hired me as a brand consultant, brought me in, watched me work, then at the end proceeded to tell me what I needed to do differently. And then emailed me a list to be sure her “notes” were clear. Damn.

That’s when I gave her the nickname Gold Star Girl (GSG).
I’ve never met another human with such high expectations of herself, of her work, and of the experience and results her clients receive.

I persistently avoid marketing people, but she’s the smartest marketer I’ve ever met. Not because she’s a fantastic writer (she is) or a brilliant tactician (true) or a savvy strategist (heck yes) but because of her intentionality and care for our clients and her ability to bring together art and science in each engagement.

She has the soul of a writer and artist, the heart of a lion, the bad-assedness of a person committed to continually improving her craft. The only other person I know like that is, well, me.