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Synthesis is a Root + River hosted webcast featuring nonconformist leaders whose ideas make them — and us — see the world differently.

Our eleventh episode features Justin Zoradi, social entrepreneur and author of the recently published “Made For These Times.” Justin is exactly the type of leader and human we love to visit with you.

Justin has organized his life around his beliefs, convictions and mission – including founding These Numbers Have Faces, a social enterprise investing in the next generation of African leaders. What started small now provides higher education loans, leadership training, and entrepreneurship investments to thousands of young people throughout sub-Saharan Africa. He now leads GivingFuel, a fundraising platform empowering thousands of organizations worldwide.

In “Made For These Times” Justin asks the question:

In fearful, uncertain times, how can we find significance in something greater than ourselves?

Justin answers this question and more in our wide-ranging conversation. Here are a few highlights:

  • “[My mom] lit a spark in me that there is more to this life than what you think.”
  • “We left this church that I loved because they wouldn’t let my mom become a deacon based on some rules they had about her being a woman”
  • “The hardest part of my career is battling through these times when you don’t feel good enough or smart enough or connected enough.”
  • “So many of us bury ourselves by our job description and wrap up our own identity into it, thinking that if I fail doing x, it’s actually not just the company, it is me, my heart and soul and body are wrapped into as one.”
  • “Don’t follow your passion. Follow your time. Time is what drives everything. Everyone has passion about something. But it’s about who can put time into it.”
  • “Believing that your work is supposed to be incomplete is liberation.”
    [This had a profound impact on both of us!]

LISTEN HERE (audio + video)

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