Synthesis Episode 6: Kristin Romaine – Bringing Joy to Community Building

EPISODE 5: Kristin Romaine


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Synthesis is a Root + River hosted webcast featuring nonconformist leaders whose ideas make them — and us — see the world differently.

Our sixth episode of Synthesis featured our visit with Kristin Romaine, who is the founder and chief innovator and social impact artist at her company, Like the Lettuce.

Kristin is persistently changing the world with her ability to organize people, ideas and movements into real change. Through Like the Lettuce, Kristin provides innovative consulting that supports moving ideas into impact using hands-on workshops and implementation coaching to assist individuals, organizations, and their leadership with mapping out how to get from A to B through innovation.

Some of our favorite takeaways from our visit with Kristin:

  • “I think sometimes people think that these big problems that are out there to solve require big, huge action. It actually doesn’t always take that. It sometimes takes just a little pebble falling in the water and the ripple effect just starts.”
  • “I think self-doubt is the thing I battle on a daily basis.”
  • “If you’re leading and trying to do something different, you are always going to have critics. And you are going to have critics for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people are critics because it’s uncomfortable for them to watch you shine or to watch you do things they know they are not capable of doing.”
  • “When people criticize, I think in my head, I think, ‘This is not for you.'”
  • “I think as women if we start saying ‘and‘ and we start telling ourselves I can do this and be these other things, I think that’s really great.”

LISTEN HERE (audio – part 1part 2)

Learn more about Like the Lettuce, go here. Connect with Kristin on LinkedIn here.

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