The Root Session

The Root Session takes you to a place you’ve been told does not matter in business — to your heart. The true heart of the matter, the heart of your people, the heart of why you exist.

Within this collective heart is a map in a bottle that leads to a brand. We smash the glass and orient the map for you.

In one day together, we will help show you the future of your brand.

About The Root Session

Re-connecting past passions to future vision, the Root Session is a 1-Day solo or leadership team retreat in Austin or Scottsdale (or your location) to organize your brand around your beliefs, articulate those beliefs as a message and set a course for how this message will be shared with world.

The Root Session returns you to that original place of “what if.” Then we answer “who are we?” and “where are we going?” as a brand. The Root Session moves you away from chasing slogans and tactics to speaking your message from your heart to an audience eager to receive it.

The Root Session will:

  • Provide certainty of your brand’s place in the world and why it matters.
  • Teach you how to talk about your brand, messaging and offerings in any conversation.
  • Determine how to align your brand strategy with your business model to make the right marketing decisions.
  • Ensure that branding and marketing become music and not noise for you.
  • Show you how to attract the right people to your brand internally and externally.

The Root Session is like nothing you have ever experienced. Part strategy session, part therapy, part adventure, the Root Session will re-arrange your thinking, re-orient your direction and re-invigorate your joy.

While immersive and thrilling, the Root Session is also practical – with these outputs:

  • Brand Perception survey – a unique approach to how others see you
  • Sketch Notes – your brand strategy as art!
  • Brand Narrative – how to talk about your why/what/how message
  • Brand Strategy deck – your brand strategy in a shareable format
  • Manifesto – a visual representation of your message and values

What Our Clients Say:

They truly got at my gifts in such a deep place. I left with new perspective, confident because it was so authentic to me, as well as new language to explain it to people, and a game plan. It wasn’t just a session. It was a real working strategy to take forward. After implementing all of these changes, I immediately got a significant piece of business worth four times my total root + river investment.

Jennifer Copley – Boston, MA

We walked away with new perspective, but I think more so, we now have clarity on what makes us special––why certain clients love us. And now, we’re better able to share that with folks who don’t know us. Justin and Emily have helped us see and communicate the best in our business. It’s the best money we’ve spent all year.

Mark Debiniski – Baltimore, MD

Justin and Emily were 100% in service of me. They weren’t there to sell me some process, idea, or method. They weren’t there to sell me anything. The Root Session was solely to understand and help me be clear on what I bring to the market, and then, what it is that I want to do with it. Justin and Emily represent a paradigm shift. What they are offering is new and different. I haven’t found it anywhere else, and I’d been looking for a long time.

Cort Dial – Austin, TX

Ready to get to the root? Book us.

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