Shake awake your people around the ideas of branding, culture, and innovation.

The workshops we present (which center around soul-stirring imagery) disrupt old thinking, challenge sameness and provide a path for continued growth and learning. They are ideal for company-wide events, leadership retreats or client summits.

Each workshop is facilitated by Justin + Emily and is designed for a 1-day format but can be adjusted to ½ day and 90-minute programs, depending on your needs. While we typically present on the topics shown below, we’re also happy to customize our content to your audience.

BrandLab: A Workshop for Everyone

Figure out what the heck branding really is — and what it isn’t, as of 2018.

Then, understand your brand.

Use your brand to create a message that will attract goodness!

This mindset shifting workshop gets you started.

The BrandLab is an immersive, highly participative 2-hour workshop that focuses on helping participants understand their mission and message — and how to share it with the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing a timeless mission statement
  • Articulating a heart-based message to share in all conversations
  • Building a marketing machine plan to implement immediately

We offer the BrandLab throughout the year, but it is also available as a company-sponsored workshop. Ideal for staff development, team building and community building.

Upcoming dates are:

Phoenix – Thursday, September 13

Austin – Friday, October 12

Phoenix – Friday, November 9

Registration now open for all 2018 dates! CLICK HERE to select your date and register.

Being Human: What Drives Leadership, Culture and Brand

Leaders need to be real people. And people need to be real leaders.

This realness, often called authenticity, is about embracing your own uniqueness and sharing it as a leader. By being human, leaders and their teams become high-performing, cohesive tribes that produce growth, innovation, and dominant brands. Ideal for leadership teams, high potential employees, and marketing teams.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the need for brand-centric thinking: viewing everything through the lens of brand in order to grow and compete
  • Embracing a new definition of leader: a real human who is vulnerable, practices self-care and embraces failure and experimentation
  • Recalibrating the ROI of Being a Human Brand: 6 key performance areas where trust produces extraordinary value and results

Leaders need to be real people. And people need to be real leaders.

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The Opt-Ins: An Ageless Generation of Leaders

Who are the next generation of leaders? They’re not in any one generation or age.

With five age groups in the workforce, there is a powerful, natural blending of ideas, cultures and habits. This is producing a new kind of leader: The Opt-Ins. Also referred to as “Rebellious Traditionalists,” Opt-In Leaders have five common traits that transcend traditional labels such as generation/age. Emily + Justin will encourage participants to re-evaluate their current thinking on differences between ages and challenge the assumption that companies need to adjust to focus more on Millennials. Ideal for leadership, for rising leaders, HR teams.

Key Takeaways

  • an end to command-and-control structure
  • how organizational cultures are defined,
  • the way talent is attracted and retained.

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Disrupt or Decay? 5 Natural Forces Shaping Your Brand

May the force be with your brand.

We all see the changes. Internal and external forces pushing and pulling on brands. We see the disintegration of the old ways of doing business – but also the emergence of new ways that encourage collaboration, transparency and deeper connections. As market forces and societal trends shape brands, business leaders have a tremendous opportunity to harness these trends rather than just respond to them. Ideal for marketing teams, communications teams and leadership.

Key Takeaways

  • The convergence of leadership, culture and innovation.
  • Marketing: mythology vs mastery
  • 5 competencies required for modern branding

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