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But you knew that already.

Being Marketers serves CMOs, directors of marketing and other marketing leaders facing the competing challenges of leading a brand and its demands on your time, energy, focus, execution and being. Being Marketers is a membership site with exclusive content, a monthly newsletter and a monthly webcast.

Humans First, Marketers second.

Created and hosted by our founders, Emily + Justin, for marketing leaders, the Being Marketers community sparks insights on:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Category
  • Creativity
  • Team Leadership
  • Self-Support

We share interviews, thought leadership and facilitate lively discussions so you can:

Learn what’s new, what’s real in humanistic marketing

Make inspired decisions

Know what to pay attention to

Keep your team humming along

Care for yourself

As leaders of marketing and communication, the allocation of your time and decision-making is of critical importance.

Being Marketers helps you curate what to pay attention to.

We send the Being Marketers newsletter on the second Tuesday of the month, and each Being Marketers webcast is hosted live on the first Thursday of every month.

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Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster

Emily Soccorsy & Justin Foster are co-founders of Root + River, an intrinsic branding practice. Together, their mission is to inspire leaders to go inward.

Each accomplished leaders in their own right in branding and marketing, Emily and Justin came together in 2015 to create Root + River. They speak around the country on intrinsic branding, guide leaders to go inward in Root Sessions and are the authors of “Rooting Up: Essays on Modern Branding.” Their greatest talent is pushing people to break apart what they think branding is, only to rebuild it in a more organic and true manner.

They created this course, How To Brand Yourself (When You Don’t Want To), to reach every entrepreneur and leader who want to become intrinsic branders. The more people who embrace this new era of doing business, the better we can make our world. 

Social: @rootandriver @emilyatlarge @fosterthinking

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