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BeMa brings together humans who want to brand and market in an ethical, soulful and story-driven way that reflects their own beliefs.

Together we inspire one another to master intrinsic branding and humanistic marketing so we can move marketing into a new era of honest expression, and leave behind the coercion and manipulation of old.

We are your guides, facilitators, and pot-stirrers. We’re here to educate, to learn from you, and to co-create this community so you can brand better every day.

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This is a private community for genuine, ethical humans in marketing. In BeMa, you connect and converse with people who share your perspectives on marketing and face the same challenges with creativity. Receive thought-provoking prompts, industry updates and impromptu tips from us and gain access to our BeMa special guests, high profile marketing leaders who drop by.

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Rapid Insight: Branding and marketing can change quickly. Our content keeps you up-to-date with what’s happening from the perspective of other prominent conscious marketing change-makers. We look at trends and provide practical, ethical ways for you to tell better stories, hone your language and speak directly to your audience.

Anti-Loneliness: Marketing is often lonely, solo work. BeMa connects you to other people who are doing marketing differently so you can share ideas, inspire one another, tackle challenges and be seen and heard. And our team is here to support and interact with you, too.

Relief: The daily digital grind is overwhelming and numbing. BeMa was created as a place for you to rest, be at home, and recalibrate for a few moments every day. Our interactions and content are always designed to add more light, more understanding and more joy to the world. We provide self-care tips, help you pause to assess where you are personally and give ideas for how to tend to yourself and your team.