Courage turns missions into brands.

You don’t want to sound like everyone else. You want your brand to reflect who you truly are. You want to repel the opportunities not aligned with your vision (and attract those that are).
We got you.

Our clients learn the Four Disciplines of Modern Branding:

Brand strategy + planning

Brand language + messaging

Differentiation + category ownership

Storytelling + thought-leadership

What We Offer


Designed for established businesses, we provide in-depth brand refreshes and reintroductions that include brand strategy, language, re-positioning, rollout and ongoing content creation. This provides total clarity on the brand language. Using the roots uncovered during the Root Session and subsequent language phase, an engaging execution strategy is created that enables everyone in the organization to practice intrinsic branding. Finally, this method supports the marketing team as they build compounding momentum through storytelling, culture and marketing infrastructure. 


For a business about to grow or going through a transition, we offer strategic brand language and planning for small and emerging businesses. Following the Root Session, we provide a Brand Strategy Deck, Brand Voice Guide, website copy and other supportive deliverables to help integrate language into your digital platforms and sales and marketing processes. We also provide brand coaching through momentum calls as you infuse brand into marketing, culture and everyday conversations, sales and presentations. 


You’ve spent a decade or more building your career in high-level corporate and now you’re doing the next thing, your own thing. You know from experience that you need strategy, content and a solid foundation. The Root Session is designed to uncover and articulate your brand’s foundational language: beliefs, standards, mission, core message, category and key differentiators; to sharpen your brand language and appeal to your target audience. Together we create a plan for how to move forward and we support you in a brand marketing mentorship role for 6 months to one year.


From Professional  to Thought Leader

We develop foundational and strategic content that attracts aligned, energy-positive clients and builds your brand  – using the least amount of your time. Our content, designed for three specific channels – LinkedIn, email campaigns and your blog – provides structure, support and strategy and gives you a creative voice that positions you as a thought leader.

In addition, we can generate regular content that can become a tangible and long lasting expression of your brand, for example, an ebook, workbook, blog or video series. Our strategy revolves around consistency in four elements: Moment, Market, Magic and Methods. 


Our Strategic Messaging Labs are three-hour sprints for teams or corporate audiences focused on specific portions of brand language and strategy. We dive deep into the neuroscience of branding and drive discussion to uncover and articulate aspects of the brand. Labs can focus on differentiation, audience and messaging or other topics we co-create.

Does the idea of becoming an intrinsic brand move your soul?