Courage turns missions into brands.

By stepping boldly into brand language that repels the people who do not believe what you believe, you attract those who are committed and fully vested in your brand and your vision.

Our clients master the four disciplines of modern branding:

Brand strategy + planning

Brand language + messaging

Differentiation + category ownership

Storytelling + thought-leadership

What We Offer

Deep Roots

1 YEAR +

The Deep Roots Method™ is an incisive, intrinsic journey into and out of the heart of the brand. It provides total clarity on the brand language. Using the roots uncovered during the language phase, an engaging execution strategy is created that enables everyone in the organization to practice intrinsic branding. Finally, this method supports the marketing team as they build compounding momentum through storytelling, cultural and marketing infrastructure. With Deep Roots, a brand can innovate and differentiate itself for years to come.

Brand Discovery

Three months-ish

Brand Discovery is intended for rapid development of a brand strategy including: strategic brand language, infrastructure and planning. We conduct pre-session personal preparation and brand surveying. Following the Root Session, we provide momentum calls to support you as you execute on infusing brand into marketing efforts, culture and everyday conversations and presentations.

Root Session

One day

An intense and immersive day-long experience with your leadership team to focus solely on the brand. In this intense but fun session, we will uncover and articulate your brand’s beliefs, standards, mission, core message, foundational brand language, category ownership, key differentiators and a basic plan for how to move forward.

Strategic Messaging Lab

Our Strategic Messaging Labs are three hour sprints with you and your team where we get hyper-focused on the art and science of language; of uncovering, refining and expressing the right words. We uncover and cover:

  • The neuroscience of language
  • Understanding the subconscious needs of your audience
  • Expressing differentiators and definitive statements

Output from the Strategic Messaging Lab includes: a Root Belief, a brand narrative and an implementation brief.

Does the idea of becoming an intrinsic brand move your soul?