Brand is how others experience your soul.

Brand is how others experience your soul.

We are cliche-free brand strategists with heretical ideas.

We serve mission-driven leaders and organizations by creating evocative messaging and crafting enduring brand strategies that inspire and energize humans.

Who we are:

We are a brand strategy team. We guide leaders and organizations to practice intrinsic branding – branding from the inside out. Intrinsic brands are known by their consistently evocative language, standard-setting experiences and engaging storytelling.

We work with Defiers

A new group of leaders is emerging. They are called to re-define leadership, influence cultures for the better and to create new models. These defiers lead established organizations or new small businesses. They may be corporate escapees turned coaches or second-generation owners. Their commonality is facing change: a shift in industry, new leadership or the next generation taking the helm.

Mission-driven, empathetic and self-governed, these leaders are utilizing their businesses to change the world in unprecedented ways. These are the Defiers.

Exclamation Alert

We are not for everyone.

How we work:

We engage teams in the practice of intrinsic branding. We create enduring brand language, integrate that language into everyday use, and provide content planning and catapult content development. Our work supports mission-driven brands in earning a reputation for sincerity, consistency and innovation.

Deep Roots

Deep Roots

Designed for established businesses, we provide brand refreshes and reintroductions that include brand strategy, language, re-positioning, rollout and ongoing content creation.

Root Sessions

Root Sessions

Our flagship brand strategy experience is an intense and immersive day-long session with the leaders or leadership team to focus solely on the brand for solopreneurs and small businesses.

Content Creation

Content Creation

We develop foundational and strategic content that attracts aligned, energy-positive clients and builds your brand. Our content gives you a consistent creative voice that positions you as a thought leader.

We practice intrinsic branding

Intrinsic branding is the practice of branding from the inside out, using your deeply held core values, mission and differentiators. Intrinsic brands are known for consistent language, immersive experiences and compelling storytelling. As a result, intrinsic brands earn an enduring reputation for sincerity, authenticity and innovation.

Words of Mouth

our book

Rooting Up forges a new path to branding that challenges stale leadership practices, fear-based marketing and other old habits leaders have accumulated over the last century. Rooting Up is an introduction to intrinsic branding, an invitation to look inward, and inspiration for confidently showing the world your true brand.

We’re word nerds.

As much as we love intrinsic branding, we love language above all. One of the great joys we have is crafting prose that speaks to the souls of our audience. We do that in our monthly newsletter, in LinkedIn posts and conversations. Want to hear from us on the regular? Sign up for our newsletter.

Want to hear from us on the regular? Sign up for our newsletter.