Brand is how others experience your soul.

We are cliche-free brand strategists with heretical ideas.

We serve mission-driven leaders and soulful marketers by creating evocative messaging and crafting enduring brand strategies that energize people.

Who we are:

We are a brand strategy team. We guide leaders to master intrinsic branding. Intrinsic brands are known by their consistently evocative language, standard-setting experiences and legendary storytelling.

How we work:

We create enduring brand language, engage teams in the practice of branding, implement a rollout strategy and provide ongoing CMO support. Our work promises that mission-driven brands earn a reputation for sincerity, goodness and innovation that makes their vision real.

Deep Roots

Deep Roots

The Deep Roots Method™ is an incisive, intrinsic journey into the heart of the brand that provides total clarity on the brand language and strategic implementation for larger brands.

Root Sessions

Root Sessions

Our flagship brand strategy experience is an intense and immersive day-long session with the leaders or leadership team to focus solely on the brand for solopreneurs and small businesses.

Being Marketers

Our BeMa (aka Being Marketers) Community brings together humans who want to brand and market in an ethical, soulful and story-driven way that reflects their own beliefs. All welcome.

Exclamation Alert

We are not for everyone.

We work with Defiers

In the midst of chaos, a new group of leaders is emerging. Leaders who feel called to change societies, transform capitalism and re-define leadership. Mission-driven, empathetic and self-governed, these leaders are utilizing their businesses to change the world in unprecedented ways. These are the Defiers.

What is intrinsic branding?

Intrinsic branding is the practice of expressing your brand by your mission, beliefs and culture. Intrinsic brands are known for consistent language, immersive experiences and legendary storytelling. As a result, intrinsic brands earn an enduring reputation for sincerity, authenticity and innovation.

Podcast Appearances

We invite you to explore the diverse and growing catalog of podcast episodes that we’ve been guests on. The cumulative effect of these conversations is a collective school of thought we encourage you to take advantage of. Each episode is full of lively discussions, heretical ideas and useful tips regardless of how big or small your brand is.

our book

Rooting Up forges a new path to branding that challenges stale leadership practices, fear-based marketing, and other old habits leaders have accumulated over the last century. Rooting Up is an introduction to intrinsic branding, an invitation to look inward, and inspiration for confidently showing the world your true brand.