What is Intrinsic Branding?

Amongst the hundreds (maybe thousands) of options available to my audience, how do I stand out?

All the words
are taken!

Instrinsic Branding Hamster Wheel

Nothing you say really encapsulates what you do — and it doesn’t seem to fully hit home.

In the meantime, you just keep marketing and marketing and marketing, and your marketing lacks meaning and resonance.

When you don’t know how to articulate what makes you different, marketing fatigue sets in.

Your fatigue, as well as audience fatigue.

Instead of making the world react to you, you find yourself on the marketing hamster wheel perpetually chasing the cheese. And your audience is less engaged than ever before.

The antidote to this madness is intrinsic branding.

Intrinsic branding is the practice of organizing and expressing your brand around your mission, beliefs and culture.

Intrinsic branding gives you your words back. And those words, your words, now are rich, and accurate and meaningful. And they move people. Your message will finally resonate.

Intrinsic brands are known for consistent language, immersive experiences and legendary storytelling. As a result, intrinsic brands earn an enduring reputation for sincerity, authenticity and innovation.


  • Always use the right language change to Always use resonant language
  • Consistently attract the people that believe what they believe
  • Boldly proclaim their unique differentiators
  • Eliminate expensive and frivolous marketing tactics
  • Have an enduring reputation no matter the conditions in the world
Intrinsic Brands

At Root + River, we are champions and practitioners of intrinsic branding

We created this category to transcend and heal the brokenness of hamster wheel marketing.

We are driven to give intrinsic branding to the world as an invitation to be themselves, to present what is true and to be whole in how you approach telling that story.

It is our aim to re-introduce leaders, founders, entrepreneurs, marketers and creatives to the deliciously subversive idea that branding can and should be an instrument of good; a source of light and possibility.

Together, using intrinsic branding, we can:

  • Set apart your brand from the rest.
  • Bring honor and trust back into language.
  • Engage daily in the art of storytelling.
  • Use intrinsic branding as a binder, not a divider.

And we can all receive the benefit of both economic and social capital that builds consistently, and organically, over time.

Does the idea of becoming an intrinsic brand move your soul?

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