We are not for everyone.
But we might be for you.

Who we love to work with

We love to work with leaders who have heart for others, have deep convictions and who want their brand to be a monument to what they believe in. We call these leaders Defiers.

Sometimes they run established businesses. Sometimes they are second-generation owners. Sometimes they are corporate escapees turned high-level coaches.

We relish partnering with Defiers who are doing something different but don’t know how to communicate it. They know that culture is critical but they don’t know how to connect culture and marketing to create a relevant brand.

They believe their work will change the world.

They’ve built their businesses by surrounding themselves with talent but have struggled to find marketers who can translate their vision, understand business and have their high performance standards.

We serve as a chief branding officer. We integrate best by raising the brand intelligence of a CEO who has high emotional intelligence, is people and mission-centric, has a strong vision for the company’s future, has high standards and is not risk averse to trying new ideas.

We work with marketing execs who hate marketing but who want to be seen as a critical voice for the brand. They put strategy first and tactics second. They are lifelong learners who welcome having mentors and coaches in us.

Who we don’t work with

To brand from the heart, you need to be ready to show your heart. And you need to commit. Branding is not something you do half-assed.

To brand effectively, you must have a spirit of abundance. Leaders who are fear-based, suspicious or pining for the way things used to be are not a match for us. Leaders who want an immediate fix and overnight results won’t be happy working with us.

Branding is a long game.

Leadership is about sharing of self, which requires an emotional investment. Leaders who don’t embrace their emotional and spiritual connection to their brand likely are not a fit for us.

Our Standards

All elite organizations run on standards. Our standards are our beliefs in practice, they are how we go about creating meaning in our hearts, in our work and for our clients. They are what we hold ourselves and others accountable to.

Leaders who fit us:

  • They are quietly rebellious
  • Tend to be marketers who hate marketing
  • Patiently persistent about making change
  • Carefully curious about new ideas and the future
  • Comfortable receiving expert coaching and guidance
  • Trusting of their talent
  • They love themselves, others and dogs
Leaders who fit us

Not a right fit for us:

  • Spiritually apathetic
  • Misuse power and authority
  • OK with unethical marketing practices
  • Obsessed with image
  • High urgency + low strategy
  • Passive, cautious, timid