Plant Your Brand
in the Soil of Soul

You don’t want to be a soulless, fake brand. You want to shine as you. From the soul!

How do you plan to become a soulful brand?

Branding is mysterious to most. It can be scary and overwhelming. And it’s hard to know where to begin, especially if you have to blaze a trail on your own.

Good news: you don’t have to go on your own. You can go with us.

Our next Brand Camp to Become a Soulful Brand will head out on May 21st.

When you have good guidance, supportive care and insightful expertise the practice of becoming a soulful, genuine brand and hearing your true voice flow out into the world is revelatory, real, and powerful. 

How to Become a Soulful Brand is an 8-week virtual Brand Camp designed for solo entrepreneurs and founders. A blend of inner work and outer work, this Brand Camp covers all of the key elements of becoming a soulful brand, including:

  • Dealing with insecurities and fears
  • Deep insights into the science and art of branding
  • Developing a root system of mission and beliefs
  • Being authentically and confidently different
  • Attracting the right people
  • Crafting a message that you can’t wait to share
  • Understanding the emotional journey of your audience
  • Making it real through planning

Throughout the program, we will also be teaching ethical branding practices, humanistic marketing tactics, growth strategies and intentional reputation.

Steady, compassionate trailblazing

From your base camp of our Being Marketers (BeMa) community, we will invite you into a small cohort, which will meet with Emily + Justin once a week for eight weeks. We’ll be presenting a concept for 30 minutes, then working on exercises and having rich discussions for an hour. The last portion of our time will be spent making commitments and packing our backpacks for our next session.

You walk out of BrandCamp with …

  • Calm confidence in expressing your brand
  • A brand message that brings clarity to your brand
  • Knowledge of what to say on social media
  • Knowledge of what to share on videos and on blogs
  • Understand how to connect directly with your audience
  • The courage to own and share what makes you unique and different
  • Have clarity on who your ideal audience is
  • Ability to guide your audience through a brand emotional journey
  • An easy-to-follow marketing plan

As with everything Root + River does, expect this to be an artful, soulful Brand Camp. Each participant will receive a goodie box of supplies and Emily’s hand-drawn sketches along the way.

Introductory fee: $1495*

*$1495 offer is for initial Brand Camp only. Future Brand Camps will be $1999