Podcast Appearances

Throughout the various podcasts that we’ve been grateful to appear on, it has been such a joy to speak to other experienced leaders who share similar passions as we do. Having the opportunity to help guide visionary leaders convey their message to the world is extremely rewarding, especially when they are ready to let their true self reflect in the brand. We hope that you enjoy listening to the following podcasts and gain inspiration to go inward as you discover your mission.

Make the Connection

Podcast Guests on Make the Connection

Your brand. It’s who you are and what you teach others about you. And people want REAL. They want honest, sincere communication and transparency. A brand builds trust through clear …

Brand Secrets and Strategies

Podcast Guests on Brand Secrets and Strategies

Today’s episode is going to challenge you to think a little bit differently about your brand. Today’s guests believe that a brand has a soul and you’re going to learn …

the unconventional path

Podcast Guests on The Unconventional Path

Today’s guests are Emily Soccorsy (So-KOR-SEE) and Justin Foster. They founded Root and River. Justin did some consulting for Emily at a Fortune 500 company. They then joined forces and …

The Sales Evangelist

Podcast Guests on The Sales Evangelist

Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster are co-founders of intrinsic branding practice Root + River. They have combined their experience and expertise in branding and passion for personal growth to guide individuals in combining authentic …