Emily Soccorsy

Justin’s a gentleman so he’s letting my bio come first. Despite the way he acts sometimes (super direct, enthusiastically puppyish, and intimidatingly quick and smart-assy) he is truly a gentleman.

He is the definition of a self-made man. He’s done every sales, marketing and branding job in the book and worked with a compelling variety of clients. And gotten real live results. I’m still surprised by the number of times he says, “Yes, I’ve worked with the___fill-in-the-esoteric-industry___before.”

But experience doesn’t a branding genius make.

An incredible mind paired with an intuitive heart mixed with a daring spirit does. And he has those. Every time we work with a client he brings his gifts blindingly to bear for them — even if he has a migraine, even if he’s tired, even if he did the same thing the day before.

In each instance, I’m impressed. So I know you will be too. Because I have ridiculously high standards. And so does he. That’s why we’re partners — because we deliver our obsession with our stratospheric standards to you, our client.
Other things about him he’ll tell you: everything about himself, everything about the NFL, everything about music. So…that. You’ve been warned.