Kel Barlow

Kel is here to help people. He thrives on knowing he’s making a difference in the world and we are so lucky to have him and his eight pets (two dogs, a cat and five fish) as part of our team.

One of Kel’s many gifts is inviting our clients into our soul-searching space with his warmth and huge smile. He also knows things about tech that saves us every time. We are a better team for having his organizational help and even more important, his full-of-light spirit.

He leads by example, teaching us to be comfortable in our own skin and to be grateful that we have the freedom and independence to be and express ourselves authentically.

Kel is a life saver, here at Root + River, and out in the world. Not content to train dogs just for fun, he teaches those who are struggling to meet the basic needs of their companions how to train and keep their dogs. That way, he keeps shelter dogs and the humans who may need them the most together.

Kel comes to us with a BA in Film from University of North Texas and sometimes takes side gigs as a production assistant on movie sets. He is also the master of flawless backflips off a swing and juggling scarves – not at the same time.