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This is not another post about COVID-19. 

This is about you. It’s to issue a clear and kind “hello” to your soul in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. We see you! We feel you. We love you. 

These are kooky times to be living in, aren’t they? You likely feel wobbly and concerned and fearful. And all of this unknowing! When will it end? What’s going to happen next? Am I safe? Are my loved ones safe? What will we lose?

Here at Root + River, we share a mission to inspire people to go inward. 


In the light of the Coronavirus pandemic, our mission remains: to inspire you to take this surprising turn of events, and the consequences of them (canceled plans, postponed events, virtual work environments, children at home, lost income, etc.) and go inward to find your center, your source, your meaning, your purpose.

And we’re here to help, to support and, most importantly, to offer respite for you from this craziness. 

We continue to operate gratefully and virtually, as we have since we started our interstate, virtual company 5 years ago. We’re using our found time for you, to bring people together, to hold space, to inspire and to counsel. 

A few different ways for you to join us:

  1. If you are a past client of ours or a member of our BrandDefiers online community, please join us on Wednesday, March 18 at 2pm Central for a free one-hour open strategy session on your brand strategy in a time of crisis. We’ll take your questions about your brand position, your message to your audience and more. We’ll share ideas and give you the support and guidance you need. Clients, you may register here.
  2. Everyone in the world is welcome to join us on Friday, March 20 at 2pm Central for a live, free webinar on “How We Can Be Light.” There’s a lot of dark right now. But you can be light — for yourself, for the people around you, for those who are isolated. That’s what we’ll be exploring using four key questions and some open dialogue during this one-hour session. Share with a friend and come make a connection with us and other like-hearted souls. 
  3. Finally, if you are feeling like you want to use this found time to work on yourself, hurray! We have chosen to extend the launch pricing of our two virtual learning courses, How To Be a Brand (When You Really Don’t Want To) I (Roots) and II (River) until the Coronavirus pandemic is no longer impacting daily life in the U.S. en masse. We want to meet your desire to work on yourself, on your brand, with an affordable way to do so. (And if you have further difficulty in paying, please email us at

Listen, we’re going to get through this, right?

We will. And we have the chance not to quarantine our souls away from one another, but to stay connected, stay in growth mode and stay bright. 

We say, let’s do it together.

Much love,

Emily + Justin + Cat + Jen

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