Ungrateful about marketing?

Marketing is a little bit like a Rodney Dangerfield quote. It can’t get no respect. Everybody in the business wants great marketing and basically nobody wants to do great marketing. […]

What is your brand’s MLE (minimum level of excellence)?

By Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster A brand is an organic, living thing. It is both a practice and a discipline. And yet there is also a baseline, or minimum, […]

Small Brands: Storytelling is Yours for the Taking

March 23, 2018 // Jennifer Lawhead // No Comments // Posted in Uncategorized
  6 Easy Steps to Creating a Storytelling Flow Storytelling — it’s one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing today. Everyone wants to tell stories, and do it in a way that […]

Who the heck is my target audience?

Editor’s Note: As we move into the last two seasons of the year, we are answering questions people have repeatedly asked us about branding and marketing. Let’s start with this […]

What Makes My Brand Truly Different?

“How Do I Know What Makes My Brand Truly Different?” Editor’s Note: The questions you don’t ask could hold the inspiration you need to finally take action. As this year […]

Inner Work: A Crucial Building Block for Modern-Day Brands

We often say, “start at the root.” When a leader looks inward to build their brand, he or she is doing the work that most haven’t dared to do. By […]

Defiance: Your Leadership Style’s Secret Weapon

Defiance: it’s one of the most underrated qualities for modern-day leaders. But, maybe defiance isn’t what you think. Read our #facesofrootandriver quotes about what defiance means to us, and how […]

Soccorsy Featured in Magazine for Courage, Accomplishments

When you’re immersed in your darkest hour, can good emerge? For our very own Emily Soccorsy, co-founder and strategist, it did. Recently, Emily was featured in So Scottsdale magazine for […]

How Being Mission-centric Drives Your Brand: What Zuckerberg Knows

Three Vital Foundations of Your Brand By Emily Soccorsy A few days ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook had, for the first time in its short and meteoric history, […]

Time, Space, Opportunity: 3 Ways to Help You Begin Branding

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” Ralph Waldo Emerson   By Emily Soccorsy I spend most of my time working out of my home office, pounding […]
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