Branding happens in moments

By Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster A brand doesn’t magically appear. A logo might. But not a brand. Brands are really deeply seeded ideas, so they take time to formulate […]

You Don’t Need a Marketing Agency

By Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster Small business owners are in a bit of a conundrum when it comes to marketing. You can either do it yourself or bring in […]

You’re in charge of marketing, right? No. You’re not.

There’s this paradox about being responsible for the marketing of an organization: You are “in charge” of the brand and at the same time, you are not in charge of […]

What is your brand’s MLE (minimum level of excellence)?

By Emily Soccorsy and Justin Foster A brand is an organic, living thing. It is both a practice and a discipline. And yet there is also a baseline, or minimum, […]

Why Ego Kills Brands

By Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster To be a leader you need a healthy ego. Leading with your ego will kill your brand. Discuss. Not sure what to discuss? We […]

How to Turn Brand Anxiety into Brand Intelligence

By Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster You’ve been going along and growing your company. You are a good leader, and you have a good heart. And you are good at […]

Market As You Would Like To Be Marketed To

By Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster In our world, the most egregious violators of the Golden Rule are marketers. By in large, they do not market unto others as they […]

3 Corporate Habits that Will Crush Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

  By Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster We heart entrepreneurial people. We heart them wherever they may be, and whenever they might find us. In the last year, we’ve seen […]

Amor Fati and Your Brand

  As humans we love to quantify. Predict. Determine. Forecast. Around 300,000 years ago (when we as a human race began) predicting, determining and developing and sharing systems of knowing […]

Synthesis Episode 4: How to Make Deep Connections, a Conversation with Kristi Hall

EPISODE 4: Kristi Hall  LISTEN HERE (video + audio)   Synthesis is a Root + River hosted webcast featuring nonconformist leaders whose ideas make them — and us — see […]
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