Emily Soccorsy

By Emily Soccorsy

Brand is how people experience your soul.

Branding isn’t a one-time, surface exercise. It’s not prescribed by someone who calls themselves a guru who insinuates – strongly – you can mold who you are, what you say, to convince people of something, or to get what you want. 

It’s just not. Not in my book.

Root + River was created to stand against the idea that branding is manipulation, pretension, hardcore persuasion. 

Your brand is not something you buy from someone else. 

Your brand should be centered around what your heart has to say to the world. 

Your brand is about expressing something deep and true and real to the world. 

It’s an inquisitive journey through self-reflection that gives birth to resonant language you don’t have to remember – because it comes from your soul. 

It’s not a slogan or a tagline. Your brand is a unique collection of non-negotiable truths you base your daily actions upon and live out.

It’s a larger conversation you want to lead and own in the market. 

It is you.

When your brand is articulated from the inside out, something surprising happens.

You repel. 

(Stay with me.)

You repel the opportunities not aligned with your brand who would otherwise waste your time, energy and money trying to please.

As you repel, you’re also attracting people, opportunities, partnership, talent who are highly aligned to who you are and what you do. You’re building your business around these aligned opportunities. And these opportunities (clients, partners, team members) make your business better.

Who and what you attract are not all golden retriever puppies and Care Bears. 

Just because these opportunities are aligned doesn’t mean they are easy or simple. 

They’re real humans and organizations, who are imperfect, but striving.

The good news is they share the same beliefs, they value your time and expertise, and they challenge you in a positive way. Bonus: they refer you to others.

They’re humans who share the same beliefs, who value your time and expertise, who challenge you in a positive way and who refer you to other similar individuals.

I call this approach, the practice, intrinsic branding.

intrinsic branding is a conscious approach to branding that differentiates brands based on what they believe and value most. Intrinsic brands are built from the inside out. Those who consistently practice and build brands intrinsically stand out — and stand the test of time.

Intrinsic branding requires an uncovering process to determine an individual or organization’s internal foundation of truth. 

Intrinsic brands are known for consistently evocative language, immersive experiences and unforgettable stories. They cultivate loyal audiences and communities, both internal and external (employees and clients/customers).

Intrinsic brands earn an enduring reputation for being purpose-driven and for sincerity, authenticity and innovation. 

Intrinsic brands spend less money on marketing and outperform their more conventional competitors – all while contributing to the advancement of humanity.

Intrinsic branding is what the world of branding is evolving toward – and it’s an excellent approach for anyone who wants to change their industry, their community or the world with their brand. 

It’s also great for those who want to be a little defiant, a bit bold, and who believe in the power of big ideas, thoughtfully expressed, over time. 

They want to tell a bold truth.
Intrinsic branding, just like every other thing in the world, is not for everyone. 

But after nearly nine years of practicing it, it’s still something that I get up in the morning excited to explore, to challenge myself with, and to give to other people. 

There’s an element of magic to it, a wholeheartedness it requires, a dedication to the beauty of expression. 

But most of all, it’s based on Love.

Love of oneself, love of what you do, love for your mission (your why) and love for who you want to attract and repel. 

Intrinsic branding is revealing. It’s scary. 

But you can do it. 

(Our clients have been construction companies, telecom giants, national logistics providers, recycling companies, elite financial services companies and high-impact executive coaches to some of the world’s biggest companies. And they all have been brave and bold enough to engage intrinsic branding with honesty and courage.)

Although it’s scary to reveal to the world what you believe, what you want to add to the world, and what your heart has to say, people respond entirely differently when you do.

They connect to themselves, and to you. They engage in ideas in a whole new way.

And you stand out – for who you are.

That’s why I love it. Because my mission is to inspire expression. To give voice to truth. To make it possible for us to live in less divided ways. 

To guide people to share what’s at the heart of things – so we can more easily add light to the world, treat people well and love and respect ourselves. 

When we have more people and organizations who are willing to do so, the ripple effect of love, kindness and acceptance, and differentiation, is experienced at a much broader scale. 

That’s why I do what I do. That’s why I offer it to you. 

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