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By Jennifer Lawhead

Branding was always something I didn’t feel like I needed help with,” our client Sonya Stattmann recalled. “But I started to realize there was misalignment with who I am and how I ran my business.”

This realization dawned on Sonya about a year ago: as she continued to grow her business, she knew it needed to more closely represent who she is today. Not who she was years ago or how she thought she needed to show up for her clients. She was ready to deepen her branding practice.

“I needed a big shift,” Sonya said. “There was something that needed to unfold. But I wasn’t able to pull it out of myself on my own.”

Based on a friend’s recommendation, she visited Root + River’s website and landed on our warning label. At the time, she was in the early stages of wanting to elevate her already successful 20-plus year leadership, coaching brand, and podcast, Women in Business the Arena, and was looking for provocative yet soulful ideas. She found them on our site: in particular, she was energized by the idea of bidding adieu to the people who weren’t her ideal clients.

But she wasn’t quite ready yet – and she still thought she did not need help with branding. After all, she had once owned a branding agency herself.

Months later and after revisiting our site, it again evoked a feeling that she was chasing – one that gave her the confidence that she could put all of the inner work she had done into practice in her own business. She decided to lean into the feeling that was drawing her in.

“I don’t think I even understood what I needed,” Sonya said when she began the Root Session. “But eventually, I was in tears. It was exactly what I needed to realign my beliefs to my business.”

For Sonya, she is ready to step into a new chapter of her brand story after her work with Root + River earlier this year. Sonya is now spiritually focused on exactly who she wants to attract, what she wants to say to them, and how she personally wants to show up in the world. It’s been an experience that was unexpected and challenging but now flows more easily than she could have imagined.

“There are huge changes coming soon,” Sonya said. “I’ve had this big push from the universe and since working with Root + River, everything is moving forward very quickly.”

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