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We often say, “start at the root.”

When a leader looks inward to build their brand, he or she is doing the work that most haven’t dared to do. By looking first at the root, they are connecting the dots between what they believe and their brand, which is an important extension of their self.

Each week, our team explores a concept we feel strongly about. Read our thoughts and insight into the importance of inner work for your self and your brand.

Justin on inner work
Emily on Inner Work
Jen on innerwork
Cat on innerwork

How has inner work helped you build or strengthen your brand? Share in the comments below or tell us on social media (Twitter @rootandriver).

Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster are cofounders of the intrinsic branding practice known as Root + River. Together with their defiantly different clients, they uncover then articulate the foundational elements of the brand. Then, they provide brand strategy and brand coaching as the brand is rolled out internally and externally. Obsessive about language and differentiation, Emily + Justin are also authors and speakers. Follow @rootandriver @fosterthinking and @emilyatlarge.

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