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When our team of four met in a charming Austin bungalow on our summer retreat of 2016, we decided it was time to reevaluate our values. Which ones still resonated deep within our core? Which ones now felt off or needed revisiting?

It’s a practice we do often, and we recommend for any business: revisit your values often to make sure they continue to hit you in the heart.

In that season of Root + River, we collectively agreed that our value of love felt undeniably right. It will always feel right.

When times are complicated – whether it be for the world or as small as an individual going through a difficult time – we want to share our most cherished value, love, as widely as we can.

Here are some ways we share the love, and we invite you to do the same.

Love ‘em where they’re at. Are you feeling confident but your colleagues are full of fear? Everyone is on their own journey, and our standard of loving people where they’re at honors the person and their feelings. To read more on this topic, check our Why We Always Love ‘Em Where They’re At story.

Let that talent shine. Nothing is better for the world, and your brand, than sharing your talents with the world. What can you, and only you, contribute to the humanity right now? Can you build an online community? Are you an inspirational person? Do you have the gift of making someone else laugh? Go do those things. While the tendency right now is to distance, don’t distance your talent.

Share love. It’s as simple as that. Have you ever told your clients that you love them? We do. Have you told your team that you love them recently? We do, and we highly recommend it. We need more love right now, and that includes our professional realms too. Invite love into your work. A few ways that we do this are:

  • Write an email to your clients that shares your love.
  • Convert love to action and do something loving for a colleague.
  • Take a minute, hour or a day to practice self love.
  • Love the world by posting something heartfelt to your social channels.

What if we all became warriors for love?

If someone has loved on you recently, return that favor by paying it forward. Let’s make 2020 the year we love each other more fully.

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