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By Emily Soccorsy

My dear friends, I am a lover of life. With all of its seasons, rough and rumbling, smooth and steady, heady and hale. 

Throughout this season, we as Root + River have been changing. Justin and I as individuals have been changing as well. That’s a beautiful thing, it means we are both learning, healing and growing. 

As this season edges into the next, it has become apparent to both of us that at this time, our paths are diverging. 

I am pleased to share that I have become the full owner of Root + River! 

As our Root + River team continues to serve, support, create and deliver for our Root + River clients, Justin feels called to explore new directions. 

Since we both value sovereignty and freedom and our intuition, we honor this new direction and support one another as we move forward. 

What this means for you: Root + River will continue to bloom and grow, with our heartfelt, intelligent and experienced team. We will continue to provide brand strategy, messaging, category and positioning through our practice of intrinsic branding.

We will be here for you as your brands continue to evolve and explore and expand.

I’m also very pleased to share that we will be adding content development and creation to our suite of services. This service will be extremely intentional, customized and personal – we’ve been working for months on tailoring this service for you, our dear clients. (More on that coming soon…) 

Justin and I have worked together to support one another and nurture our friendship during this transition and we are truly happy for one another. 

Most importantly, we are so profoundly grateful for the work you’ve given us the chance to do. We are humbled and honored by the experiences we have had together: learning, growing, creating and partnering since 2015.

As we come through this change, I thank you in advance for your support, because I know how amazing you all are and how readily you will give that support to us. 

I hope you join me in toasting us as we begin this new era of growth and creative expression!


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