When is the last time you raced against your buddies to make and fly a paper airline?

Or when have you last handwritten something sacred and private, folded it up carefully and discreetly passed to a friend?

How about taking the time to sit back and let someone read aloud to you?

Has it been awhile? I’d venture to guess it’s because you’re an adult and most of us haven’t done these things since grade school.

Which means you’ve been missing the feeling of watching your paper airline fly further than your buddy’s, the feeling of you friend giving you a hug after receiving your vulnerable note and the comfort of having someone read to you.

Perhaps it’s time to capture these feelings again.

It’s within these moments that unveil the Original You, the person underneath it all — your career, your persona and all of your life experiences.

We see you in there.

Recreating some of the magical moments during your youthful years is the one of many activities we do at our BrandLabs.

At BrandLab, you fly paper airplanes.

You write and pass notes.

You kick back and listen to someone read a story to you.

We bring back nostalgic feelings so you can remember the Original You. It’s when we’re in that moment together that we can begin the work on your brand. Because your brand always and forever more starts with the Original You.

No exceptions.

Once you’re in that space is where the real work begins. You learn how to push past your fears and embrace the modern world in a way that’s critical for your brand.

You work on your mission: writing it, sharing it and refining it some more. You develop messaging for your brand that’s simple, unexpected and emotional. You’ll write it, share it and refine it. Then, you’ll learn how to start sharing your brand to the world through storytelling.

Our BrandLab attendees have cried. They’ve jumped out of their seats for joy. They’ve hugged new friends in the room after the day.

They’re lighter, freer and jubilant, ready to conquer the world.

Most notably, they’re almost childlike. Which is the whole point.


Emily Soccorsy + Justin Foster are cofounders of the intrinsic branding practice known as Root + River. Together with their defiantly different clients, they uncover then articulate the foundational elements of the brand. Then, they provide brand strategy and brand coaching as the brand is rolled out internally and externally. Obsessive about language and differentiation, Emily + Justin are also authors and speakers. Follow @rootandriver @fosterthinking and @emilyatlarge.

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