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By Cat Weise

Freshmen year in college, I lived on the same floor with a bunch a young, smart women. One decided she had a new theory about the world as many young people do when they first exercise their independence muscle. Her theory was that the world could be divided into doers and thinkers. She rattled with authority who she believed was in each category. It was presumptuous, borderline rude. I was in the doer column with a few others she deemed not as cerebral as herself. I was ecstatic!

Yes, I am a doer a very proud doer. Damn straight! I never want to be remembered as someone who sits around talking, blowing hot air and never really doing anything. Thinking more about action, than doing anything at all. Overthinking deepens the pit of doubt that your untrustworthy ego creates. Doers get things done, thinkers, well, sit and think about it.

That part of me, my active- get sh*t done part, existed long before that dormitory conversation and long after. In my experience, over thinking does not clarify things, but muddies the waters. I saw that as a teacher, children often paralyzed in their thinking, not wanting to make a wrong move. I saw some teachers, over thinking lessons, tone death to their classrooms and the human’s needs within their walls. I see now very smart, capable business owners that are stuck in their own thinking.

Literally unmovable.

Don’t get me wrong, spending time with thought, making a plan, being intentional- are all super important. But God help me, if I have sit and hear people go back and forth in indecision – I may perish.

Please for the love of it, just take one small step forward. Just one – forward. It doesn’t have to be right. It doesn’t have to be proven. It doesn’t need to be studied. Drop in and DO the next thing that feels like movement.

Thinkers, thank you for your big ideas. Without you, we may not be able to imagine other possibilities. Thinkers, better go thank a doer you know, because without us, your dreams stay as just that. Doers makes dreams a reality. I am a doer, and that, I do not need to think about.

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