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It’s always fun to introduce people you love to one another. Each month, we feature a member of our Root + River studio so you can better get to know them. Studio Partners are individual professionals and companies we have developed fabulous working relationships with and to who we relish referring our clients and friends. They support the Root + River beliefs and standards and are believers in intrinsic branding.

THE HUMAN: Maggie Gentry, Thought Partner & Mindful Marketer, has a mathematician’s mind and a healer’s heart.

HER ROOT BELIEF: Where there is truth, there is strength.

WHAT SHE OFFERS: Maggie and her team offer a unique combination and a multitude of talents to her “solo-preneurs” —  individuals starting or expanding a thriving business whose philosophies align around purpose, soul, and the understanding that what we do in one area of life, affects the others. These include:

  • marketing operations support
  • marketing strategy support
  • thought leadership development and strategy


HER THOUGHTS ON INTRINSIC BRANDING: She believes you bring your whole self into the business. After considering our Root + River Elements of Trust she responded immediately to #2. Trust the Process. She believes it is critical to have a strong personal foundation of emotional wellness to do the work of mindful marketing well. That it requires patience and surrender while doing the work. And that it is important that we consider how we take care of the people behind the business.

WHY WE LOVE HER: A big supporter of dismantling frameworks and doing away with “the shoulds,” Maggie encourages her partners to follow whatever feels true for them. She is a firm believer in using technology and software as forms of expression, stating that “automated does not have to be robotic,” and she consistently asks, “how we can use systems to make them more human?” 

YUMMY DETAILS: Maggie and her team have a double gift for organization and execution, and making clients feel seen, heard and considered. They are amazingly generous collaborators. They heal as they work — amazing! Also, Maggie has a delicious laugh and a cat named Waffles.

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