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It’s always fun to introduce people you love to one another. Each month, we feature a member of our Root + River studio so you can better get to know them. Studio Partners are individual professionals and companies we have developed fabulous working relationships with and to who we relish referring our clients and friends. They support the Root + River beliefs and standards and are believers in intrinsic branding.

THE HUMAN: Victoria Montemayor, The Storytelling Specialist

THEIR ROOT BELIEF: I inspire others to tell their whole story.

WHAT THEY OFFER: Writing for website copy, articles, email marketing and any other needs.

HOW LONG WE’VE WORKED TOGETHER: Victoria began working with Justin in 2019, though they shared clients before and had recommended each other’s services.

HER THOUGHTS ON SELF CARE FOR BRANDS & MARKETERS: “I don’t think in terms of brands and marketers. I think in terms of people. I work in evolution. We don’t have to be all put together. You can launch with one page and allow yourself to evolve and grow. I help celebrate. I had a client who was touched by flowers I sent her after she launched – they were what touched her. I step into joy and happiness and I try to celebrate the wins.”

WHY WE LOVE HER: We love how she sees the world: “I inspire others to tell their whole story, whole being the important word. People think they have to adopt a persona order to succeed. When I meet people and listen to them – what is their driver – what comes out is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, the heart and the commitment they bring to an industry.” 

She continues, “Perfect lacks humanity, in the imperfect is how we connect with human beings. When we share, it is magnetic. When I can go there with someone there is not a lot of dressing up – some narrative building, editing and shaping, yes – but it is not a painting over. That’s what the whole story means to me.”

YUMMY DETAILS: Victoria was the one in group projects in middle school corralling stories and putting them to paper. She always kept journals, blogs and scrapbooks. As she shares, “I’ve always recorded stuff. My dad is Mexican. English is his second language. He would try to say something and I would phrase what I knew he wanted to say, how he felt. I learned that most people can’t communicate from that deeper spot, but I do it constantly. I connect with people, find out what they are really about and put it into words.”

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