We never used to retreat this much. Ever. (In fact, Justin thought retreats were kind of lame.)

But in building a virtual team and working from far-flung corners of the world, we were forced to make time and space to gather in person. Routinely.

So once a quarter, we have a Root + River team retreat. It is sacrosanct time. Though we’ve had to get creative about the time and space on occasion, we do not cancel it. Besides, retreats are a well-researched benefit to companies,  collaborators, renegades and innovators. (See: Traction, Tribal Leadership. etc.)

But. Most important of all: Retreats have been the single best investment of time and money we have made.

Being the super-practical and super-soulful band of disruptors we are, during our retreats we’ve hashed out offerings, improvements, systems, finances, role clarity – and, oh yeah, we worked on our brand.

We also laughed, tapped into creativity, learned more of what made one another tick, been there in some dark moments and found a new light between us.

Our retreats always include good coffee. We are unabashed coffee snobs.

Because the bond between us is our ultimate measure of success. (And by “us” we mean All of Us, i.e. humanity)

In chaotic, digital, information-saturated, fear-mongering rich, meaning-starved 2017, there is absolutely no substitute for calm, creative time together.

With this realization came, as it always does for us, the need to share.

To offer the chance for others to retreat as well. But do it our way. Not the eye-rolling and gut-turning-group-icebreaker-trust-fall-like-activities-and-overwhelming-action-items way.

But in a way that blends “get sh*t done” with “get better as a person” with “be a better brand.”

If you have the courage to retreat in a new way this fall or winter, you can turn your run-of-the-mill off-site into a chance to understand the soul of your brand.

And the missions of everyone on your team.

After working our hearts and souls and keisters off, we need a little liquid refreshment.

And the message you have been trying to get your lips to say in important conversations — the one that still alludes.

You can. And we’d be honored to help. Together, we will make this end-of-year retreat so memorable that your team can’t wait for the next one.

We facilitate retreats at our clients’ businesses or chosen off-site outposts. Or they choose to come to us in either Scottsdale or Austin. Click here to set up an exploratory call.

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