As Our twelfth episode features Marcia Reynolds, Psy D., Marcia is the author of three books, The Discomfort Zone, Outsmart Your Brainand Wander Woman, with a fourth book on coaching in the works about how to get into a inquiry process.

Marcia is real, frank and incredibly bright in her discussion with us and we cover a lot of meaningful ground. We cover how we remake ourselves, how coaching is shifting the way we see the world and how the Great Recession led to a recapturing of personal dreams.

We also talk about how our darkest moments shepherd in light.


  • “Fortunately, we are evolving, even though sometimes it doesn’t look like it.”
  • “In many countries, they don’t have therapy as an OK thing to do. Here we readily go. So they have ended up coming to coaching to help them to critically analyze their thoughts and to discover what is my thought versus what are the beliefs that were imposed on me, what are the thoughts I inherited and are they really true?”
  • “I had difficult adulthood, ended up spending 6 months in jail. It was the women in that place that really defined my strengths for me. When I thought that my life was over, they were like, ‘You’re crazy! You have more opportunities than most of us. You have education, you’re smart, you’re courageous, and you need to go out there and make an impact in this world and let people know that no matter who they are and what they have done in their past that they can accomplish great things.”
  • “I found working with people and helping them be leaders, I mean true leaders, not just managers, but true leaders was what inspired me.”
  • “It’s been a zig-zaggy interesting path, but I had to do those zig-zags to truly understand human nature at all levels and to have compassion for whoever I am with. So that darkness was really my light.”
  • “The higher you go up, the less you will know.”
  • “I’ve never seen it where people say [to a leader], ‘Oh, I’m disappointed you don’t know anything.’”
  • “If you want them to change their behavior you have to help them see the world entirely differently. That automatically changes behavior.”


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