EPISODE 4: Kristi Hall 

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Synthesis is a Root + River hosted webcast featuring nonconformist leaders whose ideas make them — and us — see the world differently. 

Our fourth episode of Synthesis featured our visit with Conscious Connections founder, Kristi Hall. Kristi is driven by the belief that each person is here to create magic in the world. Her diligent work in launching and running Conscious Connections has attracted a group of enlightened business-savvy women in the Phoenix area who gather to have the meaningful conversations they’ve been told they are not supposed to have about life, relationships and business.

Delightfully vulnerable and bold in speaking her truth, Krist is a living testament to the idea that conscious self-discovery and business inform one another in numerous meaningful ways.

Some of our favorite quotes from Kristi in this episode:

“I am looking for experts and soulful leaders who are turning things on their side and looking at business from a different perspective.”

“I really didn’t see the point. If I didn’t get the shiny prize for sacrificing myself — what was next? I got the prize, but I didn’t feel it.”

“We can program our entire world if we only look at by our own social media feeds. If we follow a bunch of people we know, we are only getting one perspective. [Social media] is powerful, but it could also be very isolating because we could be — and are —  living in our own reality or universe with no idea or perspective of what’s really going on in the world.”

“Contrast is a great thing so sometimes having experiences or seeing things we don’t agree with gives us our own clarity.”

“I knew personally for me that my study of consciousness, my spirituality had brought me back to life and opened me up to a whole new magical world. I just saw people dying on the vine all around me, especially when I was in my position. I just saw people wilting and dying and being squashed. I thought it was ridiculous. I thought if I can wake up to this, kicking and screaming, then other people can have some of this magic, too. Then I looked to what I know how to do.”

“The risk is to be vulnerable and the fear that if we let people see us as we really are, then we won’t be loved, accepted or appreciated. That’s a deep human fear.”

LISTEN HERE (video + audio)

Learn more about Conscious Connections here. Connect with Kristi on LinkedIn here.

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