By Emily Soccorsy

Do you know what you believe? If you don’t, then attracting what you want is going to be much more difficult. 

During a recent team meeting, we reviewed our core beliefs. 

As a brand, we have established a set of five core beliefs that are the foundation of the work we do as a team, and how we treat each other and our clients. These beliefs are who we are in five painstakingly chosen words. 

They are what we take comfort in and guides for how we navigate tough situations. They act as grounding forces and they propel us to greater heights.

Some leaders may not understand the power of their brand’s core beliefs. 

Core beliefs are essential infrastructure both for the operation of your business and the soul of it. Both of which need tending to, by the way.

That’s why we took intentional time to stop and explore them, one-by-one. We discussed where they came from, we explored how deeply we felt them, we got emotional, then got constructively critical. We poked at them, prodded them and inspected their underbellies for mold. 

We pondered how we were living them out. 

We did this because we are in a time of attracting. 

As we complete the first quarter of this year, we are looking to continue to attract opportunities that are in alignment with our vision. 

Our vision is to support 100,000 leaders as they change their industry, their community or the world through their brands. 

We are doing this by teaching them how to practice intrinsic branding, supporting them speak their truth and crafting compelling and meaningful content. 

While it’s lovely to think about attraction (to me it conjures thrill and sparkle and magical elements), you cannot attract what you are not clear about.

This concept is at the heart of branding. 

To be clear about what you are attracting, you must first go inward to establish what you believe in.

Whether they say, “we need to tell our story better” or “we have to get clear on our brand” or “we need a better message” (all things our clients say when they find us) this is the reason most people come to Root + River. 

They want clarity on why they exist and the power of language to express that to one another and to the world. 

Leaders who want to be intentional stewards and attractors of the next phase of growth of their brand must be grounded in the meaning of the brand.

The meaning of the brand always begins with what it means to them. Not just as a leader, but as a human being. 

How does it connect to their soul?

How do they derive significance from it?

How does it make meaning in the world?

Once you have established your beliefs within yourself, your ability to attract has begun in earnest. 

Staying rooted in what you know to be true will help steer you to what is meant for you. 

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