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For today’s leaders, pressure is now the most pervasive force. Pressure to hire, pressure to respond to the needs of your clients, your team. Pressure to adapt to a world dramatically shifted from what it was. 

Marketing makes all of this worse. It puts pressure on you to market, when marketing feels like the last thing in the world you want to do. Marketing adds pressure to humans who are already overwhelmed and burned out and sick of being endlessly and intrusively marketed to.

Thankfully, there’s something in you that is resistant to pressure, an endless resource that abides deeply within you.

Let’s call that thing inside you/your organization your brand. 

It’s your consistent code of ethics and deep convictions. 

It’s your desire to actively leverage your brand to contribute to humanity. 

It’s your belief in love as your greatest leadership trait. 

It’s your social conscience and your awareness of the people around you. 

It’s your intention that shared values are far more important than share value. 

Right now, when so much is at stake, these are the things to organize around.

If this is you, you probably have figured out the traditional branding and marketing is dehumanizing, doesn’t share your values and is neither financially sustainable nor strategically smart. 

We agree.

You have an inkling that there’s something more you can do to share this inner world with the outer world. You’re right. Follow that inkling. 

We propose four courageous actions …

  • Start today by organizing your brand around your belief system
    (not your products or services)
  • Express a heretical message that offends the offendable and attracts believers
    (not sloganeering)
  • Begin and own a conversation that heals and unites
    (not that manipulates people’s fears)
  • Invest in the spiritual and emotional well-being of the people you work alongside
    (not treating people like machines)

Today, we are making the public commitment to only work with leaders like you. 

We exist to serve you, the leaders who are working to advance humanity through their brand. 

It really doesn’t matter to us the kind of project, the budget, the scope. If it feels right, we simply want to work with you. 

We can support you with brand messaging, strategy and whole-organization coaching on weaving beliefs into every practical aspect of your business. Or anything else related to how you express your brand and soul to the world. 

Much love!

Emily + Justin

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